O’Malley Passes the buck, as does DBED, etc.

While we’re on the subject of politicians and what appears to be their, “I don’t want to get involved” stance on The Senator’s situation, let me share another response. This one from Maryland’s top executive… Or rather, should have been.

Maryland Governor (& former Baltimore Mayor) Martin OMalley

Maryland Governor (& former Baltimore Mayor) Martin O'Malley

I wrote a letter to Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley regarding The Senator and asked for his aid in helping the “community-owned non-profit, multi-purpose entertainment & educational” vision move forward.

One would think that the former mayor of Baltimore City, home of The Senator Theatre, would be more than willing to step up and at least vocalize support for the theatre and all the good it has done for community and business in the area.

Especially when the area includes Belvedere Square, a an area across the street from the theatre that stood dormant for more than a decade and O’Malley himself called, “a stark symbol of decline”.

An area that was revitalized with city and state funding that Mayor O’Malley backed (with urging from the community, including Senator staff) and even got in a bit of hot water trying to convince citizens to patronize.

Christian Johansson, Secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Christian Johansson, Secretary, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Instead, what I received was a letter from Christian Johansson, the Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Business & Economic Development (DBED), in which I am thanked for contacting the governor and am told what an iconic treasure The Senator is.

Hannah Bryon, Assistant Secretary; Tourism, Film & the Arts

Hannah Bryon, Assistant Secretary; Tourism, Film & the Arts

I am then referred to a Ms. Hannah Byron of the Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts, who is representing DBED on Mayor Sheila Dixon’s steering committee that is charged with determining the viability of the theatre as a non-profit.

Okay, so I send a series of questions to Ms. Byron via email and shortly receive a response!

I am forwarding your questions to Bill Henry.

That’s it.

Bill Henry, Balto. City District 4 Councilman

Bill Henry, Balto. City District 4 Councilman

I’m not kidding here. District 4 Councilman Bill Henry. The man who told supporters present at the March 16 Town Meeting (called by the SCT) to contact their state officials and ask why they haven’t gotten involved.

Well, Bill, I went “straight to the top” of Maryland state government and after one letter and one email I’ve been sent down the political sliding board, right back to you. Any other suggestions?

To other supporters: Have you received responses from state or local officials? If you have and you would like to share them with others, send them to me and I’ll post them on the Politician’s Responses to Senator Plight page. Or, if you’ve put them online already, just send me the link!


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  1. […] Original post by friendsofthesenatortheatre […]

  2. And for all Bill’s grandstanding on this issue, he has NOT been helpful. In fact, quite the opposite.

  3. O’Malley was officially invited/notified of The Senator’s fundraising weekend of live music. The response from “his people” stated that he is in full support of The Senator’s efforts, blah blah blah, but unfortunately his schedule was full that weekend so he was unfortunately unable to make it.
    WELLL……….. Imagine my shock when I took a dinner break and WHO should happen to walk into Ryan’s Daughter behind me, but Marty himself. I’ve come to think that perhaps The Senator is in The Bermuda Triangle…or “The Belvedere Square.” Marty and/or his people apparantly forgotten that The Senator Theatre is a hop skip and a jump across the street from Belvedere Square…..
    But that’s the way it’s been for some time now….

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