Ace That Assessment: Senator Theatre Offers “Edu-tainment” Program for Area Schools

February 25, 2009

************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE************

Ace That Assessment: Senator Theatre Offers “Edu-tainment” Program for Area Schools

Baltimore, Maryland, February 25, 2009 – Beginning today for the next two weeks, The Senator Theatre will be hosting a series of “Test Preparation Shows” to area school children through a program sponsored by Amped Up: Family Amphitheater. The program is part of the developing vision of The Senator Theatre as a venue for educational, cultural and entertainment events.

The Senator Theatre management team has recently expanded the theatre’s offerings to demonstrate the Senator Theatre’s future as the premiere multi-purpose entertainment venue in the area, working with Sean Brescia of Clearpath Management to showcase a wide range of local musical talent. Through the “Test Preparation Shows,” the Senator Theatre is also demonstrating its potential as an enhanced learning destination for students.

A motion picture screen used for entertainment purposes can serve as a “graphic interface for enhanced learning” when utilized for educational purposes. Another key aspect of the experience has to do with the special purpose, controlled environment nature of the facility itself. Attention is seized and distractions are minimized in this unique enhanced learning environment that represents a scaled up version of the illuminated screens that they have been conditioned to direct their attention to from early childhood.

About The Senator Community Trust LLC: To foster the vision of The Senator Theatre as a community-based non-profit organization, a group of local community and business leaders has organized The Senator Community Trust, LLC. The Senator Community Trust has as its mission the preservation, protection, and restoration of Baltimore’s cherished landmark, the historic Senator Theatre. The Senator Community Trust is working with theatre management toward community ownership of the theatre building.

Sherry Holland-Senter
The Senator Community Trust

Michael Amrhine
Amped Up!, Inc.
A+ Assemblies, LLC

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  1. […] morning local news broadcasts from WJZ-TV (CBS) and WBAL (NBC) included features on the “Ace That Assessment” pilot program being performed with Baltimore elementary school children at The Senator […]

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