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Disclaimer: The views presented here are that of current volunteers, former employees & others, but not necessarily those of The Senator management.

We are a diverse group of concerned citizens from throughout the greater Baltimore area and beyond (1,500 members & growing!). We understand the significance and importance of The Senator Theatre & therefore have become advocates for the protection, preservation and renovation of this irreplaceable historic landmark.

We believe that its future has great potential in the right hands. We believe those hands to be that of a community-based non-profit whose programming would include arts, education & entertainment in a wide array of formats, including, but not limited to film.

As The Senator celebrates its 70th anniversary, we commend former owner Tom Kiefaber and his family’s 70 years of unbroken tradition of excellence and community-oriented service. He has proven many times that the theatre can support this myriad of programs, paving the way for our vision. Unfortunately, the era of 1st run movies in establishments like this wonderful theatre, we find, is no longer a valid business plan. Baltimore City, which now owns The Senator has not yet seen the wisdom of the theatre as a community non-profit.

It is our belief that The Senator, already listed on the National Register of Historic Places, could follow in the footsteps of so many historic theatres across the U.S. that have successfully made the transition to non-profit ownership and are helping to revitalize and provide important services to their communities.

We believe that if other communities can do this there is no reason why this cannot take place at The Senator, ensuring it as a diverse resource for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone for generations to come!

If you share this vision or have had experience in converting one of the many other historic theatres in the U.S., please consider contacting us using the options below.


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