SENATOR Theatre: Standing Ovations Salute Kiefaber on His Last Night

TK 8pm standing ovation

Kiefaber receives extended standing ovation standing-room-only crowd

Both the near capacity crowd for the 4:30pm screening of Star Wars: A New Hope and the standing-room only 8pm show saluted former owner Tom Kiefaber for his family’s 71 years of operation and his personal dedication to keeping the historic theatre going for over two decades.

The evening also capped off a Friends of The Senator volunteers’ 16-month stint as Kiefaber’s theatre support staff.

Judging by the crowd reaction during and after the screenings all felt that this chapter was being closed on a positive note with “A New Hope” for the future of the landmark theatre.

Here’s to hoping the lights are back on and the doors open in short order, because knowing the theatre was going dark at the end was a concern repeated by many attendees on an otherwise celebratory night.

More photographs: (John Waire)


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  1. …let’s make sure those lights come back on!

  2. I was at the 4:30 showing and feeling bad I couldn’t stay for the next one, but seeing how many people were there I’m glad now I wasn’t hogging a seat!

    I want to thank Tom and the Friends of the Senator for everything, but especially for yesterday. I never made it to a midnight showing of anything, but I always wanted to see Star Wars- preferably this original cut -with the kind of crowd I was part of there. I loved every minute, and I just hope that somehow, in Tom’s absence, the Senator continues to be a place where nights like this can happen.

    -Rob Clay

  3. It was a truly incredible night! Fabulous vibe and energy! Geeks, nerds, and all you old theatre nuts really rocked us!

    Rob, the Friends of the Senator thank you!!

    John, thanks for the photos!

    KA Harris

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