Senator Theatre RFP: Kiefaber defies hush clause. Joins FOTS in “BDC is rife with fraud & collusion”


Fraud, Collusion, Deceit

Former Senator Theatre owner Tom Kiefaber defies City Hall’s hush clause

Joins Friends of The Senator to declare BDC is rife with fraud and collusion


Baltimore, MD
July 16th, 2010

Friends of The Senator (FOTS) announced today that the 2100+ member advocacy group has denounced the Baltimore Development Corporation’s (BDC) manipulation of The Senator Theatre’s acquisition at auction on behalf of the City, and its subsequent RFP plan for the Senator Theatre, as a corrupt process rife throughout with collusion, fraud, and deceit.

The advocacy group has repeatedly implored Mayor Rawlings-Blake to investigate the allegations, based on the results of the FOTS investigative research, provided to her and her staff…

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  1. “The effort succeeded in facilitating The Senator Theatre’s acquisition by the city at auction, costing the taxpayers $950,000, but violated the owner’s civil and private property rights in the process.”

    If it’s so obviously illegal, why not sue in lieu of drafting a press release? And, seriously, spend some money on a lawyer or PR professional or something. This is the longest, worst press release I’ve ever seen. The only evidence of anyone breaking the law in that release is Kiefaber describing how he signed and then broke a contract.

  2. Say what you want about the BDC (though the “Friends of the Senator” are sounding increasingly crazy), but the Cusacks are a class act. Kiefaber et al succeed only in harming their own cause by constantly yapping about the Charles.

    And today’s story about the “last-minute” proposal from the guy at the Rotunda? Whatev. Where was that guy when people might have actually wanted to hear from him? It’s easy to step in and offer to be a hero when you know no one’s going to take you up on it.

    I’m happy the city cares enough about the Senator to try to do something new and interesting with it. And I’m happy the Cusacks are willing to endure all this aggravation and acrimony. I’m sure they’ll do something cool with the space.

    I give Kiefaber credit for keeping the theater alive as long as he did. But this strange and ugly end is unseemly and it threatens to sully the work he did for so many years.

    Look, it’s a simple story: Kiefaber made a good go of it at the Senator for a long time. And then he couldn’t. The end.

    • The “Friends of the Senator” are sounding increasingly crazy
      Is this comment solicited by the fact that, based on our active experience in the situation, we believe the process was ridiculously flawed – or are you one of those people that felt compelled to excoriate Kiefaber every time his name was mentioned and now that he’s exited the picture it’s time to paint us in the same light simply because we want what’s best for the theatre?

      We wish the Cusacks luck, because more than anything we don’t want to see The Senator in the dark. But, we’re not optimistic that two new restaurants in a restaurant-saturated area, helping enough to keep the place afloat when they’re returning to the same programming that many blame for leading to foreclosure. Many have asked why they didn’t team/merge with the TU plan – or at least seek input from historic theatre experts to help them with their proposal? We wish we knew.. But hey, no one will even tell us (or apparently local media) how their negotiations are going and when the lights will come back on at The Senator.


        “When asked when it would reopen, [Cusack] said, ‘Don’t know. We’ve got to get in and see what it looks like, see what equipment is there. We’ll know in a week.'”

        There’s your answer, or rather why there isn’t an answer yet.

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