No Approved Cusack Contract, but City Lawyer Tells Kiefaber & Volunteers: Get Out By Sunday!

Following an article published by the Daily Record on Monday (6/21), Michael Sragow just published a piece called, “City wants Kiefaber out of Senator Theatre by Sunday“, based on a letter written by The Senator’s former owner, Tom Kiefaber, in response to City Solicitor, Larry Jenkin’s notification that Kiefaber must vacate the theatre by June 27, 2010.

Now, even if you don’t (or don’t want to try) to understand the complex situations that led up to this point, consider these points:

  • Kiefaber was asked by the BDC to keep the lights on, the doors open and events taking place at The Senator Theatre while the RFP process continued.
  • While the BDC claims Mayor Rawlings-Blake has endorsed their recommended plan (although, now that I think of it, we’ve not seen or heard her quoted as stating such), that simply means that the process enters into an “exclusive negotiation” phase wherein the city and the proposed lessees (Buzz and Kathleen Cusack) hash out the proposal in order to write a contract that then has to be approved by Baltimore City’s Board of Estimates… So, at this time NO SIGNED CONTRACT EXISTS.
  • If the purpose to remove Kiefaber (and FOTS’ volunteer staff) by Sunday is to allow the Cusack’s to take over at the end of June, shouldn’t this raise red flags?
    Think about it – would any sane landlord allow tenants to move in without a signed contractual agreement?
  • Kiefaber, as asked, has continued to schedule events – including the much anticipated new Twilight movie, “Eclipse” which is scheduled to begin showings at The Senator at 12:01 am on June 30.

So, what’s the rush?! Read Tom Kiefaber’s open letter to the Special Chief Solicitor for yourself and you may get some ideas.


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