SENATOR Theatre: WTMD / TU Proposal Best Fit?

Dear Friends,

Towson UniversityAs you probably know by now the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) has received proposals from four organizations that desire to be the next occupant of The SENATOR. While we have yet had an opportunity to review the details of the proposal (waiting on the BDC to release them), the descriptions of that submitted by Towson University’s publicly supported radio station, WTMD, appear to echo many of the main points we’ve been advocating for The Senator:

  • Use of the theatre as a multipurpose venue
  • Let’s face it, folks. A single screen theatre in this day/age just can’t cut it as a first run movie house. We all have fond memories of seeing new feature films at The Senator, but the modern day financial and contractual realities have shown this model to be no longer feasible.
    That said, film and perhaps even a premiere or more are still in the cards down the road, but to make the most use of our beloved landmark theatre other programming must (and should be) included.
  • Community events
    These have been an integral part of The Senator’s history, although in the past they’ve been limited by the restrictive rules associated with being a first run movie house. Now that those bonds have been cut we have seen and hope to see many, many more!
    Note: stay tuned for announcement of the 19th Annual Holiday Double Feature & Food Drive!

As for the other proposals, see our “Senator Theatre RFP Proposals Info” page for highlights drawn from media accounts.

The bottom line, as we currently see it, is that the WTMD/T.U. proposal is the only one that is a viable contender against the Cusack’s. Their plan proposes to alter the existing auditorium and includes addition of two eateries flanking the theatre which could potentially have a negative impact on existing local businesses. Theatre patrons would be encouraged to stay on the property rather than explore neighborhood businesses. This should be food for thought for the local business owners and the Govanstowne Business Association (GBA).

Now, we would like to know what you think!

Tom Harris, FoTS Ambassador


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