SENATOR Theatre RFP: Balto Sun Requests Opinions for Tomorrow’s Editorials

That’s right, this is your chance to weigh in on the BDC’s RFP Proposals and possibly see it in print!

We recommend you read our RFP Proposals Info Page first.

And please, folks, keep it civil!
The Sun has approval over the web comments. Comments that are accepted may be put in print (without your email address). Read their Terms of Service as well.

Our stand?
Without reading the actual proposals submitted to the BDC we’re left with what we’ve read (again compiled here). Based on that limited information:

  • It appears that the WTMD/Towson University plan comes closest to the community-based multipurpose arts, entertainment & educational vision we’ve advocated from the start.
  • We cannot support a plan in which the historic theatre’s auditorium is altered, such as the Cusack’s plan suggests.
  • We do not believe that the addition of 24 apartments to the rear of the theatre, by JR Owens,  will fix the current financial realities associated with first run films in a single screen environment.
  • While we applaud the educational and all-inclusive aspects of the PUPKIDS proposal, it appears to be one based on renting, not buying The Senator. This suggests that Baltimore City is expected to pay for the repairs and restoration of the theatre. Something to which, we believe, the city will not agree to do.

Whatever your opinion, make it known!

As the city is now considered the current owner The Senator is now truly The People’s Theatre. Therefore, Baltimore citizens especially have a right to have their thoughts on the future of our historic landmark theatre be heard.


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