SENATOR Theatre RFP: 4 Seek Winning Bid

Updated Nov. 23, 2009

The BDC’s Request For Proposals (RFP) closed yesterday at noon.

According an article by Michael Sragow and Chris Kaltenbach of The Baltimore Sun, here are the known contenders:

The fourth party is not yet public, but is expected to be revealed Monday.

Particular points of interest to us in this article:

Kim Clark, executive vice president of the BDC, said Friday that there would be a public presentation of the proposals…
“The worst case would be if the public falls in love with one of them, and that one is not financially viable,” she said. “In my mind, that would be horrible.”

. . .

Cordish, who has repeatedly said he “would run the theater as a public service or a trust,” confirmed that he filed a proposal, but did not provide any details.

Last we heard, publicly, from the Cordish group they stated they would only step into the BDC process “if the city is stuck“. Everyone is entitled to change their mind, of course, but the fact that no details are offered causes nearly as much concern as the secrecy of the fourth proposal submission. We will be very interested to see what the Cordish Company has in mind!
. . .

Cusack… would keep the Senator as a single-screen movie theater. But he would also add a restaurant on its north side… and a crepes shop on its south side.

“I’m also talking to a children’s-services provider… about using the auditorium for children’s activities from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., when the theater is closed.” According to Cusack, a triangular area in the southern part of the property contains enough space for another screen… operating it would require a partner who would use that space for other purposes, such as art education.

While the thought of keeping The Senator a single screen movie house sounds wonderful, it’s been shown time and again that the model doesn’t hold up in this day and age… Can a private owner keep it going by renting the spaces out to restaurateurs and educational programs?

Stay tuned & as always, feel free to chime in here and/or on Facebook!


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