SENATOR RFP Pre-Proposal Conference: Groups Interested Gather for Meeting

Updated: Oct 6, 4:45pm – Attendees list
Yesterday, on the 70th anniversary of the opening of The Senator Theatre, the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) held their scheduled pre-proposal meeting for parties that had registered their interest in the Request For Proposal (RFP) process. One of these (or a conglomeration) may ultimately become the next owner or leaser (with Baltimore City as the landlord) of the historic 1939 theatre.

We are aware of at least a dozen groups that were represented.

Out of state groups:

It should be noted that absence of a group from yesterday’s meeting does not preclude them from submitting a proposal. The occasion created a forum in which the BDC could deliver a briefing and allow groups to pose questions about the process and tour the theatre.

Said questions we were told were being recorded and would be disseminated, with answers, on the BDC website by October 13, 2009. We’ll include a link here when the page becomes available.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank:

  • Maryland State Senator Joan Carter Conway for attending and posing some important questions regarding timing and community involvement when proposals are to be evaluated.
  • Eddie Leon of the Commission for Historical & Architectural Preservation (CHAP) for clarifying the situation regarding interior designation proposal approved by the CHAP commission back in May. Said proposals still have to gain approval during public meetings of the Baltimore City Planning Commission and then City Council before coming into effect. Mr. Leon stated that this could perhaps be completed by spring 2010.
  • Kristen Mitchell and Kim Clarke of the BDC for taking the time to present this opportunity, answer questions and for the refreshments.
  • Tom Kiefaber for providing access to this great facility for the event & to his family’s 70 years of unbroken presentation excellence.
  • Gayle Grove for the Senator Theatre 70th anniversary cake (sorry the camera phone didn’t do it justice).

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