BDC not advertising SENATOR Theatre Auction as promised?

Kimberly A. Clark Executive Vice President of the BDC

Kimberly A. Clark Executive Vice President of the BDC

UPDATE: See the bottom of this post for a complete list of media outlets & dates wherein the auction advertising is said to appear. As we confirm these we will link and/or highlight them in blue text.

At the May 20th meeting called by State Senator Joan Carter Conway, Kim Clark of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) and Larry Jenkins (Baltimore City Law Dept.) told everyone that the forthcoming foreclosure auction of The Senator Theatre would be well advertised far and wide (especially after many people demanded to know why officials, like herself and City Councilman Bill Henry, keep stating they don’t believe anyone will bid against the city at said public auction – yet also insisted there is no “hidden agenda”).

Among the periodicals promised to carry the auction ads (at the meeting and in emails to Senator staff) were:

  • The Daily Record
  • Wall Street Journal
  • National Trust web site
  • ” and on every historic theatre group website that we could find”

However, the results of our own searches, as well as that of others is that advertising of the July 22, 2009 foreclosure auction can only been spotted in two places:

  • Alex Cooper’s Real Estate web site
    Note: It was pointed out yesterday that, while there is a lot of info there including amounts for deposit, etc., there is NO mention of the minimum opening bid!
  • Alex Cooper’s printed ad in the Baltimore Sun

IF anyone actually knows of ANY other places where this has been promoted
— advertised not written about —
please let us know by submitting a comment to this post (see below for recently added list of where the ad is expected).

Particularly if we can’t confirm the ads, questions raised by theatre supporters should perhaps be raised again:

  • Why is the city so sure no one will counterbid?
  • And if the city “isn’t saying this”, then why does the media keep telling the public this?
  • Is it because sufficient advertising will not be done?
  • State Senator Joan Carter Conway stated, “Why wouldn’t [the city] want to get the maximum dollars” at the auction?
    Is it because the ‘deck was stacked’ from the beginning or
    is it because city officials have bungled this whole situation

Any way you look at it, this auction is like playing Russian Roulette with the future of The Senator and the community’s desire to see it become the premiere multipurpose arts, education & entertainment non-profit venue in the region.

But, if properly advertised it just might attract the attention of an individual or group that shares our vision.


  • Daily Record (legal ad) July 6, 13 & 20
  • Baltimore SunJuly 5-8, July 12-15 & July 19-22
  • Wall Street Journal – July 1, 8 & 15
  • Washington Post – July 5, 12 & 19
  • Theater Historical SocietyPosted to Facebook Page (we are members of the THS Facebook page & we haven’t seen ANYTHING about the auction there)and sent to Newsflash recipients
  • League of Historic American Theaters – Sent to 470 members
  • Cinema Treasures website – posted 6/25 26
  • City Biz Real Estate (electronic newsletter) – Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore circulation
  • National Trust for Historic Preservationarticle in on-line Preservation Magazine (not really an advertisement)

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