“Under Our Skin” timely feature @ The SENATOR Theatre

Sean Cobb tends to his wife Mandy Hughes as she suffers a Lyme Disease related seizure

Sean Cobb tends to his wife Mandy Hughes as she suffers a Lyme Disease related seizure

Beginning a limited engagement at The SENATOR this Friday (July 10), Andy Abrahams Wilson’s documentary, “Under Our Skin” is quite a timely attraction given the increasing cases of Lyme Disease being reported in Maryland.

“The documentary “Under Our Skin” makes a powerful argument. To with: that Lyme disease, contrary to much that has been reported about it, is neither rare nor easily treatable. Given that its often multifarious symptoms (swollen joints and joint pain, fatigue and weakness, headaches, blurred vision, memory loss, mood changes and other cognitive problems, skin rashes, and other manifestations) can sound like the results of ordinary wear and tear on the body, this is not a movie for hypochondriacs.”

“Does Wilson have a bias against Lyme-denying MDs who dismiss sufferers’ complaints as all in their heads? Against an insurance industry that he claims denies coverage to save a buck? Against funding agencies that won’t pay for reasearch because the disease is more controversial — and less sexy — than others? You bet he does.”
-Michael O’Sullivan of The Washington Post, June 26, 2009

More review notes:

“Fascinating…artful and compelling.”
– Frank DiGiacomo, Vanity Fair

“Makes a powerful argument…a movie that, like a well-made thriller, gets under your skin.”
– Michael O’Sullivan, The Washington Post

“Heart-rending…inflammatory documentary…takes aim at the medical establishment.”
– Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Eye-opening…frightening, powerful stuff.”
– Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“Infectiously persuasive…targets both the heart and brain.”
– Sarah Sluis, Hollywood Reporter

“Dramatically compelling…a ripping indictment of the medical establishment’s failure to uphold its oath.”
– Dann Gire, Chicago Daily Herald

“Head-spinning…riveting…a rigorously researched and highly thorough piece of investigative reporting.”
– Lauren Wissot, Slant Magazine

“[A] dizzying and dramatic documentary…handsomely reported and photographed.”
– Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

“Well-researched…suspenseful…artfully shot. Takes a creative, humanistic approach that makes the complex material dramatic and visually interesting.”
(full article)
– Alissa Simon, Variety

“Explosive…not since Michael Moore has a documentary caused such a stir across America.”
– Susan Wertheim, FOX News

“A whole different way of reporting on health…I was so moved. Emotionally riveting…a beautiful film.” (radio show)
– Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah and Friends Network

“A scary expose [and] damning indictment of the broken health care system.”
(full article)
– Kam Williams, NewsBlaze

“A skin-crawling, goosebump-provoking reminder of a silent epidemic.”
– Ryan Pratt, Examiner.com

“[The film] gets under your skin and into your heart…[and] moves the viewer to ask serious questions about modern medicine. This film is a wake-up call that should reverberate through the halls of Congress, as well as doctors’ offices and research facilities.”
– James Swan, ESPN.com

“Excellent filmmaking…stunning cinematography…will grab your attention and hold it from start to finish.”
– Jennifer Merin, About.com

“Enthralling and powerful…should bring the arguments surrounding chronic Lyme disease to a wider international audience.”
– Julian Upton, The Lancet

“Timely and terrifying, this investigative, sobering documentary reveals how our corrupt medical system, influenced by insurance companies, has failed patients in need.”
– Susan Granger, SSG Syndicate

“A fierce and beautiful film! A truth-telling, soul-wrenching, anger-igniting work of art that needs to be widely distributed to save tens of thousands of lives.”
– Jean Houston, Best-selling author

“Definitely one of the most talked-about films here…Wilson’s careful study and expert storytelling provide a compelling, informative, and emotional experience.”
– Aaron Dobbs, Tribeca Film Festival

“A very important and timely work, not to mention an extraordinarily cinematic piece.”
– Sky Sitney, Silverdocs AFI/Discovery Film Festival

“Powerful…fascinating…a wonderful film!” (radio show)
– Mike O’Meara, The Mike O’Meara Show, WJFK Radio

“Riveting…plays like a taut thriller.”
– Maine International Film Festival

“A landmark film that breaks the silence!”
– Michael Burke, Woodstock Film Festival

“Rest assured that the devilishness of our health care system is contagious to all.Under Our Skin does a superb job capturing that harsh reality.”
– Ashlea Halpern, Time Out New York

“Gripping, brilliantly executed…a true landmark of the genre…UNDER OUR SKIN triumphs.”
– Paul Bower, Tiny Mix Tapes

“The definitive document on Lyme, and…yet another in a long line of damning looks at the American health care machine.”
– Ian Buckwalter, DCist

“One of the most frightening horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. The evil in it springs from deer ticks and human ignorance, both of which seemed to be omnipresent.”
– Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer

“A chillingly comprehensive exploration!”
– Mill Valley Film Festival

“Elegantly crafted…expertly balances emotion and reason.”
– Michael Fox, San Francisco Film Society

“To say your work will save tens of thousands of lives in the next 50 years is likely an understatement.”
– James Schaller, M.D.


Check The SENATOR Theatre web site for showtimes!
And as always, call the theatre the day you plan to attend to verify feature & showtimes.


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