BDC’s Kim Clark backpedals!

[updated May 28,2009: added audio/video links]
Among the attendees at Thursday night’s meeting, called by Maryland Senator Joan Carter Conway, was Baltimore Development Corporation’s Kim Clark.  At that time she sided with The Senator owner, Tom Kiefaber and Senator Conway when she stated:

Kimberly A. Clark Executive Vice President of the BDC

Kimberly A. Clark Executive Vice President of the BDC

“We thought the CHAP designation was ill timed, unnecessary … And was undermining the good things we were all trying to do.”*

However, according to The Sun, columnist Kris Kaltenbach by Friday she was suddenly not so adamant about her stance:

“I don’t think it’s as much of a roadblock as some people portray it to be.”

So, we are begged to ask, “What happened between Thursday night and Friday that changed her mind?”

Could it be the fact that Friday was the date on which the city was expected to actually make the purchase of the 1st Mariner mortgage note? Was she simply playing to the supporters and the state senator?

Several meeting attendees voiced concern that since the timing of the CHAP decisions PLUS the certain city officials insistence that no one will show up for their foreclosure auction of the theatre (REPEATEDLY playing down the possibility of a person/group stepping forward to outbid the city), that a picture is partially painted enough to suggest that there have been some back room dealings in which the fate of the theatre has been decided already and officials are trying to keep any competition from entering their arena.

Now that the city will be ‘passing the ball’ to the BDC to handle the upcoming foreclosure auction and, they since they obviously expect to win the auction, the subsequent RFP (Request For Proposal), we suppose it is entirely posssible Kim Clark simply no longer feels obligated to garner favor with The Senator supporters.

* YouTube:

  • Hear Kim Clark’s own statements recorded during the May 20, 2009 meeting (first 33 seconds)
  • See & hear Kim Clark, also from the May 20 meeting, courtesy of Arlette Productions

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  1. WoW! Wake up Baltimore! The writing isn’t just on the wall, it’s ALL OVER THE CITY! Shameful that our “leaders” and leading us on a downwars spiral. We teach our children to be honest, yet look at our city leaders!! Prior tot he meeting, she was “briefing” Joan Conway. Kim made it clear that the city ALREADY KNOWS NOT TO EXPECT any other bidders, SHE KNOWS OF PLANS TO PUT A WALL DOWN THE CENTER OF THE THEATRE. She CLEARLY stated numerous times that the CHAP hearing wall ill-timed and questionable and that it was stifling the auction. Then to go back several days later and quote herself in the paper as saying just the opposite? What the heck?
    Our own Councilman Bill Henry told the media a number of things tht were clearly WRONG! He later stated that he hadn’t told the media various things that they (the media) reported. However, in talking to the media folks themselves, we were told that in fact Mr. Henry DID tell them false information!
    Days prior to the meeting he said he was unable to attend b/c he was too busy. However, the night of the meeting, he met up with the city reps in a neghborhood restaurant. When asked why he hadn’t attended the meeting, he told several constituents that he had an emergency call EARLIER that evening.
    This guy is extremely untrustworthy and lies constantly. Shameful!!

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