State Senator calls PUBLIC MEETING about City’s Senator Theatre AUCTION

That’s right, despite what you may have heard the theatre

You’ve probably heard/read the local media telling everyone
that Baltimore City now owns The Senator Theatre

However, you will have a chance to get the truth,
from government representatives!

MD Senator Joan Carter Conway

MD Senator Joan Carter Conway

Maryland State Senator Joan Carter Conway has called for a public meeting this coming Wednesday, May 20th at The Senator Theatre in response to constituent concerns!

Please spread the word to friends, neighbors, preservation groups & other “theatre nuts”!

Senator Conway has invited representatives from:

Scheduled government representatives to date include:

Topics scheduled will include:

  • State of Maryland’s financial investment in The Senator Theatre
  • State of Maryland’s position in Baltimore City’s upcoming foreclosure proceedings
  • City of Baltimore’s purchase of the 1st Mariner mortgage note
  • Rising concerns of the extended North Baltimore residential and business communities.


  • Baltimore City’s public auction process intended to transfer ownership of The Senator Theatre

In order for the city to ‘clear’ the remaining debt,
it must hold its own public auction!

City representatives are emphatic that they expect to be the only bidder at their own auction, BUT, since it will be a PUBLIC auction anyone with the financial wherewithal could walk away with the ownership of the historic Senator Theatre!

Friends of The Senator Theatre
challenge the media to get their stories right this time:

Come to the meeting,
listen to what everyone has to say
(including community members & theatre advocates)
and then
report the truth about The Senator Theatre!



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