More evidence we can’t leave the fate of The Senator to officials

Too many folks still think that because the mayor’s office agreed to a recommendation to foreclose on The Senator and then buy out the 1st Mariner mortgage that the theatre is “saved”.

This Could Still Happen... And apparently the City believes it should.

This Could Still Happen

Nothing could be further from the truth. See our “Situation” page for our take on where things stand (Especially the controversial upcoming CHAP hearing on 5/12).

On top of that, consider some of the recent news stories involving city government not doing right by its citizens:

Feb 2009 by hoodwatch

Feb 2009 by "hoodwatch"

And, let’s not forget the Mayfair Theatre – closed in 1986 & owned by the city for years now, has been left to rot. The roof collapsed all the way to the basement in 1998. Only now are officials getting around to doing something with the building… Apartments & retail space.

Still feel comfortable with the idea of your officials being in charge of the theatre’s future, without supervision and/or community input?

Neither do we.

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, please contact your elected officials to let them know:

Supporters are also encouraged to attend the upcoming CHAP hearing next Tuesday, May 12 @ 2pm at the Department of Planning, 8th floor Phoebe Stanton Conference Room, located at 417 E. Fayette Street.


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