Auction Countdown: Canceled… But Senator Theatre not out of the woods yet!

Update 3:46pm: Balto. Sun reports 1st Mariner Bank has canceled the theatre’s auction. However, my sources say keeping it off the auction block is contingent that the city’s plan to buy the theatre goes through… So, the rest of this entry is still pertinent.

While others seem to be celebrating (and others berating “another bailout”, even when it isn’t) Mayor Sheila Dixon’s announcement that Baltimore City would move ahead with their Strategy Group’s recommendation to buy The Senator Theatre, I’ve been… Cautiously optimistic.

Well, I am heartened that the deal includes:

  • Release of Tom Kiefaber’s home in Sparks (the very least they could do for the man who’s fought for 20 years for The Senator’s survival and the good of its community)
  • The possibility the community may have a say regarding to whom the city will sell/lease the theatre.

These are not present in the 1st Mariner auction scenario.


I know Annapolis wrapped up the session yesterday, but let’s get on those phones & email people! Get the state representatives to work with the theatre and the city on how to work out the state debt/loan issue!

More media links (thanks to Nicholas Evans’ help):


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