A/V Showroom ‘highlight’ inspired by The Senator Theatre!

Audio Indulgence, a full service custom audio and video integrator company in Daphne, Alabama is nearing completion of its new showroom.

At over 10,000 square feet it mimics a small town main street, complete with restaurants, bars and shops. Each to showcase a variety of A/V, CCTV, lighting, energy management, networking and security technologies.

However, what I found most interesting was what they describe as the “grand movie palace at the end of the street”…

That’s right! Audio Indulgence describes it as the highlight of the showroom and declares,

Out theater marquee design is based on one of the most famous theaters in the United States… The Senator Theater located in Baltimore Maryland.

They also note (right on their homepage, I might add – scroll down & look on the left side) that the situation with The Senator is dire and encourage folks to visit senator.com for ways to support efforts to save the theatre!

Kudos to Audio Indulgence for their support of The Senator!

And, thanks to Gayle for alerting us to this! 😉


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