CHAP & “Buzz”… Coincidence?

Update: AstroGirl’s Galaxy Guide take

When I’d heard that the Commission for Historical & Architectural Preservation (CHAP) had posted a notice that they planned to designate The Senator’s interior as a “Landmark” and “Public Interior Special List”, I initially thought this would be a good idea. After all, my understanding is that such would prevent a future owner from changing the theatre into something other than a theatre. However, when I started to look into CHAP, I found something interesting…

Senator CHAP notice

Senator CHAP notice

Among the commissioners serving I came across the name James “Buzz” Cusack… And I knew I’d seen that name recently, but it took me a moment to realize that it was in relation to The Senator.

Mr. Cusack was identified as one of the potential bidders in a Baltimore Sun article of March 13, 2009.

So, the man who runs The Charles Theatre is:

  1. Interested in buying The Senator?
  2. Has influence in a group that could apply restrictions to the property that would probably thin-out the number of other potential bidders?

Anyone else smell something fishy here? Like “conflict of interest” at least?

On top of that I found something else that seems odd about the “application” for these designations. The current owner of The Senator, I understand, did NOT submit the application. And, I’m no lawyer, but in reading the Baltimore City Landmarks & Commission Ordinance document (on the CHAP site), it sounds to me that these designations are only to be applied to “public” areas… Last I heard The Senator was privately owned.

I’d appreciate it, if anyone could comment on this as well!


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  1. Buzz has now recused himself from public CHAP meetings about The Senator, but this doesn’t change much, in my opinion. The CHAP move to restrict the interior spaces is still going forward, and as far as I know, Buzz still plans to bid on The Senator. Also, he may have been involved in the initial discussions about the CHAP maneuver. But there may be someone else involved too, a Mr. X.

    Check out my blog for my take on this.

  2. You really need to see Andy Frank’s January 26th “offer” letter to Tom. It’s such a ruse!

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