Answers from Mayor Dixon – Part II

In this round of questions we wanted to draw out more information, so we avoided posing those that could be answered with a simple yes/no.

Again, the response in its entirety is presented so you may judge for yourself…

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon

Thank you for contacting me with follow-up questions on this important subject. Please see my answers below:

1. Is the intention to move forward with the Community Vision of The Senator as the “premier, not-for-profit, multi-purpose entertainment venue in the region” i.e. An owned and/or operated community-based non-profit entity If not, what are the plans for the property and what is the timeline?

Answer: There is a steering committee made up of volunteers that is looking at the non-profit model. The City is a participant, but is not leading the effort. We cannot answer at this point exactly how the non-profit would be structured, but you have described well what our expectation would be — a “premier, not-for-profit, multi-purpose entertainment venue in the region.”

2. At the last public meeting, the theatre owner stated that the money and effort required to make the transition take place would be increased greatly if he had to cease operations. Is the City to working to keep the doors open during transition? Why or why not?

Answer: Again, the City is not leading the effort to transition to a non-profit. Our role is to help make the transition more feasible by reducing the debt on the new non-profit. There are benefits to keeping the theater open, and there might be benefits to it closing for a short period.

3. What non-profit and/or theatre experts have (or are currently expected to be) consulted? Are Tom Kiefaber (Senator’s current owner) or John Lind ( to be included or considered?

Answer: We are told that the steering committee is consulting with theater experts, and committee members are working closely with Mr. Keifaber.

4. Will the community be asked for input? If so, at what point in the timeline?

Answer: Ellen Janes has been in contact with community leaders. It is important that the community remains involved and informed.

5. Can you tell me about Ellen Janes and why she was chosen to head the steering committee? Or, can you point me to a resource with background information about the steering committee’s members?

Answer: Ellen Janes is volunteering her time to bring people and resources together to help save the Senator. She is working closely with Councilman Bill Henry, who is on the steering committee, and Tom Keifaber. I suggest that you contact Councilman Henry for more information about the steering committee make-up.

I hope that your questions have been addressed sufficiently. Thank you again for taking the time to write, and please don’t hesitate to email me in the future.


Sheila Dixon

City of Baltimore

Referenced Steering Committee members:


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