Response to Dan Rodericks Comment

Dan Rodericks

Dan Rodericks

Mr. Rodericks published comment (Baltimore Sun, January 10, 2009):

Nobody asked me but:

• The Senator Theatre is bigger and more important than any one man.

My response:

Sorry, Dan. I’m not Ray Lewis by any stretch, but for that “bigger than one man” comment, I think any fan of The Senator Theatre would be tempted to deck ya.

I don’t understand the strange delight the majority of the media in this town seem to take in slamming the man who has done whatever it took to keep this gem in the city’s crown from permanently falling out.

Even now that it is public that Tom Kiefaber has been trying (for quite some time) to get the city to help the ownership pass onto a community owned/operated non-profit, the mud-slinging continues! What’s up, people?!

Is it because the man stands by his principles? Because he doesn’t believe that such a historic, community centric resource should be denegrated to become yet another faceless chain-owned multiplex, retail store or, even worse, simply left to decay? Is it because he believes that the theatre can become a greater entertainment draw/positive city PR than ever before?

Can’t the city can’t believe in the vision of The Senator Theatre as a successful non-profit? The place has proven it has a positive influence on the community. Ask John Lind of Venuetech what has become of other such historic theatres across the country. Mr. Lind can tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly. He showed us some *grand* ones in his presentation last December at the town hall meeting.

Is Baltimore too shortsighted for these kind of visions/possibilities?
Other communities have pulled it off
And, there were plenty of supporters in attendance at the town meeting with excellent ideas and ready to pitch in to give it a go.

Is it the perception that we aren’t up to the challenge?…
In the eyes of the public at large? The eyes of the media? The city administration?

Or perhaps it is simply that it’s just too easy to sit back, let the gem fall out and point a finger of blame. “It’s HIS fault.”

Challenge: Get off your butts, buy a ticket for one of this weekend’s sessions (or weekend pass) and experience a taste of what COULD be.
IF we (city, community, citizens and yes, the media) have the guts to really give it a try.

Tom Harris


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  1. Tom, I agree with you. Personally, I think here in Baltimore, people take the Senator Theatre a bit too much for granted. While I agree that the Senator Theatre is bigger and more important than one man, I think we also need to acknowledge Mr. Kiefaber’s vision in saving this treasure for all of us to enjoy. And I suspect Tom Kiefaber would agree that it’s about way more than just him.

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