Mayor Dixon Responds to Senator Transition Questions

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon

The following was received from the Mayor today. I thought about writing this up as a normal blog entry, but I think it best that everyone draw their own conclusions (if any) from what the mayor had to say:

Thank you for contacting me. Please find the answers to your questions below:

1. When the Board of Estimates plans to discuss/vote on the proposed aid package? The deal has not yet been accepted. There are too many unanswered questions to speculate on when the BOE action will occur.

2. Do the current budget shortfalls and possibility of city employee layoffs endanger its passing? No, we would use capital funds earmarked for economic development.

3. Who is/will determine persons to be seated as the transition steering committee? The steering committee is being led by Ellen Janes. The City is a participant but is not organizing or directing the committee.

4. Who is/will be involved in creating the non-profit group and appointing its officers? The steering committee.

5. Do you expect that persons from the theatre’s neighborhood and business associations will be included in discussions regarding questions 4 and 5? Yes.

I hope that you have found this information helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future regarding this or any other issue.

Sheila Dixon
City of Baltimore


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  1. Thanks for the info, and thanks for checking into this with Mayor Dixon.

    You mean to say that Tom Kiefaber isn’t leading the steering committee?! Weird, since the whole nonprofit thing was his idea as far back as 2001.

    OK, I already knew he wasn’t, but excuse my faux surprise. I was being snarky, because I think Tom SHOULD be leading the effort. After keeping the Senator open for the past 20 years in the face of nearly impossible odds, he certainly has the experience. I don’t know Ellen Janes. I wonder what her experience in running a theater is?

    • I’m not familiar with Ellen Janes, either. A quick search turned up two references, both of which fall into “neighborhood development”, although I can’t be 100% certain this is the Ellen Janes referenced by the mayor.
      Neighborhood Design Center – Awards:
      Ellen Janes, former NDC Executive Director
      as well as a previous winner of the Larry Reich Award (The Larry Reich Award is given annually to an individual whose volunteer and professional work exemplifies a special commitment to community-based planning and design. The Award was established by colleagues of long-time Baltimore City Planning Director Larry Reich to commemorate his pioneering concern for “bottom-up” inclusion of grassroots groups in neighborhood initiatives. Larry Reich was Planning Director from 1965-1990 and was a central figure in the City’s Downtown)

      And, this from an article by Ellen Janes:
      Ellen Janes is a regional community development
      manager in the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s
      Community Affairs Office. She works out
      of the Baltimore Office and conducts outreach
      inMaryland,Washington, D.C., and Northern
      West Virginia.

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