Yin & Yang for Senator Supporters?

Weekend long variety of entertainment!

Weekend long variety of entertainment!

Two things on my mind today. First the good news:

  • Support and line-up of talent continues to evolve for the weekend long benefit for The Senator Theatre, so instead of continually relisting the events here, I’ve created a new page (see the right sidebar menu) where I plan to keep the latest schedule of the weekend’s events.
    This is an slightly expanded version of that found on the official Senator page (I’ve added additional links & info as I get them).

    Now, the not-so-good news:

  • As mentioned yesterday, concerns are arising about how the city plans to handle The Senator’s transition to non-profit. The idea all along has been one of a “community owned & operated” organization. However, there are increasing rumors that no one from the theatre or any of the local community associations has been involved in nor invited to talks about moving the process forward! Yet there are signs that something is going on behind the scenes.
    If you’ve heard to the contrary, please so me know!
    In the meantime, I again encourage everyone to make use of the Contact Info page to ask our representatives directly, “What is going on? And, why are we being included?”

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  1. Yeah, the rumors are very disturbing. I posted another blog about them here. I included some info about a community meeting at the Senator you may remember, so you might want to chime in and let me know if your recollection is the same as mine. There’s some stuff I’ve heard that I’m not really ready to blog about, too. I’m trying to get a bit more certain about what’s happening before stirring the pot too much!

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