Senator Transition Purposely Clouded?

Kudos to Laura “Astrogirl” Serena on her latest blog, “Capricious Gods of the Senator’s Fate“.

Laura has ‘voiced’ what some of us have been wondering about, yet hoping against since the announcement that the city was proposing to pay off the unsecured portion of The Senator Theatre’s debt:

Given the lack of open forum, my impression is the politicians seem to have their own ideas of what The Senator should be and who should call the shots in its new incarnation.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I can’t say I didn’t think it wouldn’t happen.

But if The Senator is to truly become “The People’s Theatre”, shouldn’t we be kept abreast of how things are going? Who is steering the ship? Shouldn’t the we, the community, have a say?

If the politicians are going to continue to handle this in a back-room style (as usual) then the recent cries for government “transparency” need to be amped up!

Let them know we’re still watching, waiting and that the volume on our voices can “ go to 11“.

So, make use of the Contact Info page and demand that the community… Nay, the public at large be kept in the loop about The Senator  transition process!


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  1. Tom Kiefaber first started proposing that the Senator should be transitioned to a community-owned nonprofit several years ago, but he can’t do it alone. For one thing, even from a legal standpoint, a nonprofit would have to be run by a board, not an individual. He therefore has encouraged government to get involved. But the transparency issue seems to be the real sticking point.

    As I understand it, Kiefaber’s vision is to have the Senator become “the people’s theater” and “community-owned” in the best sense of those words, where the community truly owns it and has direct input and involvement. Thus far, the government efforts to save the Senator seem to be falling well short of that goal of community involvement. Whatever is happening behind the scenes, city government officials seem to be none to keen to discuss it with the public.

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