Friends of The Senator Theatre


My name is Tom Harris and I am an advocate for Baltimore’s last single screen movie house.

The theatre’s owner plans to turn the theatre & its operation over to a community non-profit group that is in the process of forming. About 200 fans/community members met to discuss said plans on Dec. 18, 2008. However, for this to happen the theatre needs the community and civic leaders to rally to the call.

In times like this folks need a places like The Senator Theatre more than ever. While everyone is tightening their financial belts and depressed by the daily news we all need an occasional ‘escape’. Going to see a movie or live performance can be just what the doctor ordered and doesn’t break the bank!

Sure, you can go a lot of places to do this, but I have never been more comfortable or welcome than I have at The Senator. The screen is huge (like they all used to be), the building is gorgeous, but moreover the folks here (and the dogs!) are warm and inviting! I challenge anyone to visit the Senator, even once, and not feel a difference from their experience at any of the chain theatres.

Where else does the owner come out & talk to people or introduces the performance? How many offer free events or charity events like a double-feature/food drive? This isn’t just a theatre – it’s a community center.

I doubt anyone can say the theatre didn’t play a part in the small business revival around it (Belvedere Square).

The great thing is this gem in the city’s crown can still be this and potentially more, BUT she’s got to stay alive during this transition for that to happen.

As I’ve said to other “fans” of The Senator,

“Do you want to just tell your friends, neighbors, children, grandchildren about how great The Senator was or do you want to be able to take them there and let them experience it for themselves?”

Kansas made it happen with the Emporia Granada Theatre and that was closed! Why not here in Baltimore with one that isn’t even under a wrecking ball?

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